Welcome !

Welcome  to graceful embodiment, to expansion, to healing, to increased peace, presence, clarity and Light.  I am honored to walk with you in support of aligning with ever increasing connection with the inherent well-being that resides within us all.

Expand your sense of well-being and unlock and maintain your full healing I’m here to assist and empower you in your creation of inner peace, balance, and health in your body and life.

Though the form and expression of my work varies greatly with each and every session, please consider the following as you explore what level of support feels most in alignment for you.

  • Mayan Healing Arts
  • Energy Healing & Holistic Alternative Therapies
  • Soul Visions /Intuitive Counseling 
  • Sacred Ceremonies
  • Events
  • Space Clearing

May we all know joy, inspiration, love and presence in every moment of this sacred life.

From my heart, to yours

Adriana Cabrera

Adriana Cabrera- Sound Therapy

ICRT Affiliate