Solutions for Stressful Times with Space Clearing

Our modern times have created greater problems, but have also created different solutions to the same age old quest: how to create sacred space on earth. Now is a crucial time to make our homes our temples, places where the sacred vibrations from them radiate out to heal our families and communities. times have changed, basic principles have not.

Sacred sound, sacred geometry, prayer, ceremony–all are still effective methods of raising the vibrations of the space where we live, and for our planet as well.

And while this may sound too simple for most to believe, case histories exist worldwide which surprise even those who have witnessed the results, attesting to the timeless power of such practices and intentions.with the revival of natural resources. All with such simple techniques as what our ancestors practiced in times past.

Can the same be done for one’s home? In short, yes. A few of the most common changes that people have experienced when harmonizing their space with their environment: more energy, better sleep, enhanced learning among students, improved relationships, increased financial flow, increased plant growth, better health among animals in the area, and more.

In summary all properties periodically need to be spiritually or psychically cleared. Filling your home with laughter, joy and prayer will normally counter balance any disharmonious ‘energy’ patterns. When disturbances manifest within a home, either as health issues or emotional problems then the cause might stem from some imbalance from the past.

Homes, like people, need help and healing from time to time.  Calling in a home healer and having your house blessed and cleansed could be an important first step to a greatly improved life.

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