Mayan Wind, Ancient Healing began with the vision of reviving the ancient Maya healing traditions and bringing it to those who were looking for a more holistic way to wellness. Aiming to bring balance & wellness to not just your body, but also your mind & spirit. 

We offer personalized wellness therapies, and traditional Mayan healing arts to create a body-mind-spirit harmony based on authentic Maya Cosmo-vision and Maya Holistic Healing traditions.This guiding principle is one of the reasons why Mayan Wind is different from others.  It is not about just caring for your body’s surface, but about helping balance all of your energies

The ancient Maya believed we were part of the universe, an integral wellness.Your emotions, body, & mind are all interconnected. Aiming to bring balance & wellness to not just your body, but also your mind & spirit,our therapies are guided by ancient wisdom so that you can achieve a deeper level of balance & harmony.



My Commitment to You:

I am passionate about supporting my clients on their healing journeys, whether they come for physical symptoms, psychological exploration or pure curiosity. I strongly feel that every person is important and that everyone has a unique gift to contribute to this world. I believe that often when we face challenges in life, these can serve as an invitation to reconnect with our true selves, and reassess our life’s direction.

I am committed to providing heart-felt support, employing numerous techniques, so my   clients may live more fully, feeling empowered and worthy, embodying their unique qualities


Adriana Cabrera

Adriana Cabrera ( Azakara ) is a workshop facilitator,modern-day shaman, alchemist ,medicine woman, intuitive,channel, cacao medicine carrier and practitioner of integrative healing arts,who believes in healing through creative expression. Trained in shamanic ceremony, plant medicine and sound healing, she combines this with her background in movement and voice to create transformative experiences,her work integrates a range of nurturing practices including :Shamanism, Mayan Spiritual Healing, Reiki, Soul Visions/Intuitive Counseling, Crystals,Color and Sound Healing, Plant + Flower Medicine and Radiesthesia.


Ms. Cabrera offers  energy therapies and intuitive spiritual counseling sessions in-person, online, telephone and Skype.If you are located outside of the Phoenix area or unable to visit Adriana in-person at her private office, she can help you through distance healing.If you require any further information or wish to book an appointment with Adriana please click on this link or on the contact page.