Meet Adriana


Being Creative and Beyond the Spiritual Spa

Combining Ancient Mayan Healing Arts techniques with traditional spa treatments, Adriana creates personalized therapies and remedies to ease any physical or spiritual ailment. These are exclusive specialized designed treatments, inspired to pamper your body and your soul with organic products and authentic purification rituals.
With her background as a skilled  licensed Cosmetologist ,Adriana is a bit like a modern-day shaman, alchemist and medicine woman. She borrows rare ingredients from Mother Nature, mixes them up and creates beautifying potions in the form of facials, scrubs and wraps.
Unlike those mystics of yore, however, Adriana doesn’t guard her knowledge. She’s happy to explain even the most exotic-sounding services in terms her clients can understand.

Adriana it is also and Ordained Minister, Certified Master in Reiki, Crystals, and Flower Essences Healing, and has been practicing Reiki and Spiritual Healing for over 15 Years. Believing that Complementary Holistic Alternatives should be used by both humans and animals, she provides Energy Clearing and Balancing for Physical and Emotional healing, for both people and pets, as well as spaces.

Using a Variety of healing techniques, a high sense of perception, and spiritual Guidance, Adriana Cabrera focuses on clearing blocked energy and balancing the body’s energy field through hands-on work and deep healing techniques.

Emphasis is placed on enabling to discover healing process and thus personalize its healing approach for her clients. Some of the techniques she uses are channeling the use of spiritual guidance, healing with color, sound, and crystals and work with auras. Through the unblocking and balancing of energy fields, the client has access to healing on all levels of functioning emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally.

She combines a keen gift of intuition with diverse comprehensive training to provide the highest healing level possible in her public and private sessions.Practitioner of the following Reiki modalities: Usui-Kundalini-Huna -Archangels -Lavender Flame (Kuan Yin)

                                                                                            ~ Adriana’s Story ~

Adriana’s Spiritual journey began as a young girl. Around the age of 6, she began experiencing premonitions and feelings not shared or taken seriously by others around her. It was not until being in the midst of a series of family events that she received undeniable confirmation that her premonitions where absolutely correct.

Feeling different, not safe to honor her inner promptings, she pushed them aside and tried to live a life that the world deemed acceptable, which included marriage, children, and traditional work.

Passing through child rearing years, divorce, and normal life challenges, Adriana grew increasingly curious about her spirituality and began to understand that the premonitions and feelings of her youth were actually divine intuitive gifts she had been taught to ignore. In this awakening process, she found herself drawn to holistic resources and developed a deep love for Holistic and Alternative Health and Healing. Focusing on these passions, she began receiving training in the practice of Intuitive Spiritual Healing, and in 2003 began her Reiki practice.

Receiving certifications in Reiki, Flower Essences, Contemporary Feng-Shui Space Clearing and Crystals, Adriana sought to add to her Spiritual practices and became an Ordained Minister in 2015. Combining these Holistic and Spiritual certifications, she also uses Intuitive Divine Guidance to direct her in applying the Verbalizations most effective in activating her Holistic Toolset. In following this guidance, she is able to laser in on the exact area of physical or emotional pain or energy imbalance and apply the exact modality of healing needed for recovery and re-balancing.