Maya Spiritual Spa

These holistic ceremonies  will align the energies of earth, water, fire, and air in you.

Energy Healer Adriana Cabrera will unblock your energy flow with a gentle facial, Maya crystals,using holly water, herbs, sound, flowers,organic natural or professional skin care products & vibrational enhanced with gemstones+ clearing healing energy.

Combining ancient Mayan techniques with traditional spa treatments, Adriana creates personalized therapies and remedies to ease any physical or spiritual ailment. These are exclusive specialized designed treatments, inspired to pamper your body and your soul with organic products and authentic purification rituals.

With her background as a skilled Energy Healer,Aesthetician & Cosmetologist, Adriana is a bit like a modern-day shaman, alchemist or medicine woman.She borrows rare ingredients from Mother Nature, mixes them up and creates beautifying potions in the form of facials, scrubs and wraps.
Unlike those mystics of yore, however, Adriana doesn’t guard her knowledge. She’s happy to explain even the most exotic-sounding services in terms her clients can understand.

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I look forward to assisting your questions or to schedule an appointment I hope to hear from you soon…Have a magical day…Namaste, Adriana