Rituals,Ceremonies & Events

Rituals,Ceremonies & Events

Mayan Wind, Ancient Healing  offers a variety of high vibrational holistic rituals,ceremonies  and events for personal healing, spiritual growth and community building. We have scheduled events and a wide variety of custom programs available upon request.

Mayan Wind,Ancient Healing  events are focus on balancing the inner energy flow of each person by releasing stress, anxiety and other toxic emotions (or physical ailments) from the self. Each ritual calls upon different aspects of the self to be restored to health and harmonious balance.

RITUALS AND CEREMONIES have tremendous spiritual and healing power. They provide the frame in which mind, emotions, soul and spirit become one, where the purification of ch’ulel( energy )  can be relieve and the invasive energy be transform; thus, healing take place.


We look forward to sharing the healing with you!


Offered Events, Ceremonies & Rituals:


Sacred Cacao Ceremony




Releasing Ceremony

Sometimes the best way to make room in your life for what you want, is to release what no longer serves you. I help you to achieve that, with an ancient ritual, using water,sound and flowers & healing






Sacred  Cacao

If you enjoy chocolate, dancing wildly, letting go of all your daily stresses and celebrating through dance until your whole body is vibrating with a sense of aliveness, then this is for you

Corporate Sacred Ceremonial Cacao ( Team Building)

A Cacao Ceremony can provide a great tool for bringing a team together. Journeying together with Cacao is a very bonding experience, creating more harmony and connection in the workplace with an increased flow of creativity and productivity.




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