Transformative Journeys

Opening the door to personal transformation

A casual setting, but an empowering gathering where Adriana Cabrera will be channeling and doing a group clearing and balancing session.


This cleansing ceremony has the natural, beneficial effects and purification properties of fire and water as cosmic sources for personal healing to unblock the energy flow of spirit and the physical body.Each participant is first anointed with Mayan oil and prepared with rhythmic sounds of mystical calls music.

Elements to be used by Adriana

  • Divine Guidance
  • Healing Energy
  • Copal or Sage
  • Mayan oil
  • Crystals
  • Sound Instruments and Music

This is a group session-

  • Water will be provided, there are chairs or you can seat on the floor,if so please bring a pillow to sit on.
  • I suggest you bring a note book and pen to take notes of the things you  want to release or to take notes of the channeling.
  • Fees donation suggested : $ 20.00 each person – Couples $ 30.00 –
  • Estimated Time: Between 2 up to 4 hours depends on how may people will present.
  • Max 20 people .

This event still in progress until I have the location confirmed.

Please check periodically for an update…

Thank you !




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