Mayan Royal Honey full body energy alignment and balancing

This supreme Maya Spa therapy (Xunan Kab)( has been created to renew your spirit; clean and invigorate your body; and restore the equilibrium and serenity of your mind; thus, bringing into physical manifestation the true nature of your spirit.

Anointing the body ( face,neck,hands,feet) with Xunan Kab (royal pure honey),the divine elixir of the Mayas, that is obtained from the stingless bee Xunan Kab, an endemic species of the Yucatan Peninsula that was studied by the ancient Maya, for whom bees were sacred and this honey is an energetic source of happiness and well-being.

Adriana  will unblock your energy flow with a gentle facial, Maya crystal and gemstone therapy.

Full-body (earth & water), mind (fire), and spirit (air) alignment and energy treatment.


  • Promotes natural self-healing.
    • Promotes personal awareness.
    • Adapts to the natural needs of the receiver
    • Personal development.
    • Encourages vitality
    • Heals holistically.
    • Promotes relaxation and reduces stress.
    • Clears energy blockages
    • Restore the energy structure to your body and mind

Deluxe Spa + Energy Healing  Treatment rooted in Holistic Maya Rituals.


 $ 99.00 ~ 90 minutes session

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