Maya Spiritual Bathing

Spiritual Bathing is a powerful healing modality that takes the vibrational power of water and raises its energy to a healing level using prayers; sacred incense, plants and intention giving you back whole health. A cleansing increases well being, and uplifts your spirit by washing away negativity, stagnation and world-weariness. It can remove obstacles that block success in achieving your goals.

A Spiritual Bath can shift you. It can break the cycle of the ‘monkey mind.’ and give you that space to have clarity in the middle of a crisis or decision-making spin. It can free you to have the ability to put things in perspective and take a genuine deep breath.

You don’t need to have a specific illness to have a treatment; the cleansing ritual can be extremely beneficial for stress, emotional eating, sleeplessness, mental fatigue or any overwhelming emotional state.

It is a ritual using Prayer as a Medicine Song, burning of Copal ( a resin incense) using sacred waters, herbs, flowers ,and intention It is an ancient healing art.This technique has been practiced by the Maya for generations.I have found this to be extremely powerful and yet gentle on people of all ages, in particular children who are generally more sensitive than the grown desensitized adult.


Maya spiritual bathing can help to lift stuck emotions and past trauma and make way to banlance and have more:

  • confidence,
  • success
  • emotional,mental, spiritual, and physical freedom.
  • liberation from emotional obstacles,
  • have clarity of mind
  • feel uplifted spirit.
  • beneficial for stress
  •  free from emotional eating
  • better sleep
  • mental awareness
  • to be emotionally balanced
  •  helped restlessness with babies who have had too many visitors

 Session overview

Your spiritual bathing experience begins with a consultation by phone or in person to learn about what you need from this healing.

Next, we schedule our spiritual bathing session and I harvest the herbs and flowers for your bath with intention and prayer. They are left to infuse in the water overnight in the moonlight. The next day we meet in your home for your healing. I use the plant medicines, my guides, and prayers to offer you the spirit waters to wash away what you are releasing. You will be in a sarong and the water will gently be poured over your body while copal incense is burned and prayers are offered. Afterwards you will have a short  healing energy session and time for integration.


My rates start at $75 -60 minutes

  • 30 minutes consultation
  • 15 minutes spiritual bathing
  • 15 minutes healing bodywork

* A small travel fee may  apply for locations more that 10 miles radius from the City of Phoenix,AZ

Other add-ons are available.please click on the link below  to discuss your individualized session. This service is performed at your location ONLY.

I look forward to assisting your questions or to schedule an appointment I hope to hear from you soon…Have a magical day…Namaste, Adriana