Mayan Energy Clearing ( Limpia)

An ancient healing technique to clear from negative energies and provide you with a balanced and happy life.

Gift yourself this time to nourish, connect and love yourself more in fun and transformative way.Limpia” with Copal Incense –During this all-encompassing treatment, Adriana uses sacred copal incense to cleanse and balance the person energy field. The white smoke purifies the soul and fills the surroundings with negative ions.Along with this ritual your energy it’s being cleared and charged with healing energy.I can provide this service at your location, call for details and to schedule a session.Group session can be arranged.

Benefits noticed:

  • A sensation of peace and tranquility
  • happiness
  • re-energized
  • better relationships
  • obstacles are disappearing
  • money starting to flow

and much more….


Regular price

$ 99.00 ~ 45 minutes

New Location Special
$ 56.00 ~ 45 minutes*   Small traveling fee may apply for locations more than 10 miles radius from the city Phoenix,AZ

I look forward to assisting your questions or to schedule an appointment I hope to hear from you soon…Have a magical day…Namaste, Adriana