Distant Healing for people



For those who are unable to meet with me, I offer a distant/remote energy healing sessions. Distant healing is as effective as an in person session and sometimes the sensations can be even more intense or noticeable.

My distance/remote healing sessions are focused and concentrated in Aura Clearing, Chakra Balancing, Reiki & Crystals Energy Healing sent remotely, in the comfort of own private sacred space around anywhere around the world.

They are also extremely useful for those occasions that mean you can’t leave home for whatever reasons you might have, it can be due to illness, not available to drive or being out of the state or country.

Thank you so much for the distance healings you have done for me! You are Amazing! I had no idea that I would actually Feel you working on me! Since the first time, I have been filled with Love as well as having my symptoms almost completely disappear. I can’t thank you enough for being such a wonderful Healing Angel of Light. I hope to meet you, so I can thank you in person.
Alan Rogerson


All you need to do is lie down or sit comfortably and relax and intend to receive the energy and let it flow, just receiving. I recommend to be in a place where you won’t be disturbed for about an hour. If possible when you are going to sleep at night, whatever makes you feel more comfortable, so you are able to be alone and also no phones around will be ideal. When mutually convenient we will chat or email to discuss any issues that arose during the session and to consider how to move forward and if needed to set up a future session.

Hi Adriana, I tend to get insomnia and was sitting here when I noticed that my left leg and arm isn’t throbbing and swollen right now. They usually throb all night to the point that I don’t really sleep. And my back isn’t on fire with that burning sensation. Still quite a bit of pain, but I’m tolerating it easier tonight. I’m so taken aback from this that I had to send you a note. read more…..

Initial Distance   60 Minutes

Includes fifteen minutes phone call to gather client history, and a forty-five-minute session + a follow up detailed explanation of the session via phone call, text or email.

$ 75.00

Follow Up Session  45 minutes

A 45 -minute session + follow up detailed explanation of the session via phone call, text or email.

$ 50.00

I suggest a minimum of three healing sessions to evaluate the healing process.


$ 150.00


I look forward to assisting your questions or to schedule an appointment I hope to hear from you soon…Have a magical day…Namaste, Adriana