Thank you so much for the distance healings you have done for me! You are Amazing! I had no idea that I would actually Feel you working on me! Since the first time, I have been filled with Love as well as having my symptoms almost completely disappear. I can’t thank you enough for being such a wonderful Healing Angel of Light. I hope to meet you, so I can thank you in person.
Alan Rogerson

Space clearing and Blessing” Adriana  is incredible to work with. She found a big energy point exactly in the middle of my bed. Now I know why I could never rest on this bed – we moved the bed two feet away and everything is much calmer. She also removed all kinds of negative and uncomfortable energies that had found their way into my apartment from the surrounding area. In general my apartment is much cheerier and it even feels warm even on a rainy day. I can only highly recommend her services. She has a lot of other wonderful sessions in her program that have dramatically changed my life.”


“Thanks again for the clearing of my apartment. Life is so much happier right now!”





Each channeled energy treatment that Adriana performs, is unique and specifically tailored to each person any given day…and each day is a unique experience! During my treatment, she witnessed a flushing through of my energy, with darker, cleansed away energy draining down into the earth. Before she even shared this with me, I had felt, on opening my eyes, that things seemed much brighter and I felt clear, at peace, fearless and empowered. It was such a wonderful experience….I cannot wait for my next treatment!  ~

Kim Thatcher

Hello Adriana

Having just visited the gift to the world that is your

Online home I must compliment you on your engaging
Essence. You are an accomplished individual whose life touches
Many in a positive way. I honor and respect who you are
And what you do. Know that by sharing of yourself in this
manner you enrich and enlighten all blessed to make your
acquaintance. Thank you for being an inspiration. I wish you
A life of love and happiness where every day is a blessing and
Every breath a miracle.
May you always know kindness in your heart as you create

A destiny of bliss and may yours be a journey of profound joy
Where peace is a way of life.
Yours in Sacred Flowering
Micheal Teal
The Ancient One






Wanted to thank you, again, for doing the healing work on Roxy today. She slept the entire way home; I think it was a very exciting day for her, lots of activity!…and she seems peaceful tonight…I’m sure her body is taking in all the work that was done. I know she wasn’t the most cooperative patient, Thank you again for doing the Reiki .I’m so excited at the possibilities of some incredible healing for Roxy due to your gift…..many blessings and hope to see you soon…

Create your magical life each day!

Kimberly Tatcher

Hi Adriana,
I wanted to say thank you to you for helping me tonight.  For the past two weeks my energy has just not been flowing and I haven’t been able to find a continuing sustaining balance.   I haven’t been able to even sign my name very well these past two days and tonight I couldn’t even concentrate enough to come to terms with what month it was.  I haven’t been like this for quite some time.  It has all felt so wrong lately.  I knew I needed some help and I thought I would try an energy healing.
Last Monday, as I waited outside the main room for a reading, I could hear the music, and the drum, and the flute all call out to me.  It was all I could do to keep from coming into the room.  So today, all day I looked forward to coming back to the music room of healing and there I was introduced to you.  Wasn’t I lucky.
Your table was very nicely set up and welcoming.  I was very impressed by the way you so nicely set up your therapy table with a beautiful cover and matching pillow.  It made me feel so special.  I also liked the way you had your crystals sitting in line charging the work space.
I immediately felt the warmth and healing vibration of your hands on my head.  I didn’t realize how much was off there.  Then when you some how knew to spend special attention to my neck, things really started to flow again.  I could feel my neck relax and release and I felt my third eye chakra open up more than I can ever remember–ever.  It was very liberating to feel that opening.  Wow!   As you kept working, I felt my throat, heart, solar plexus, and navel chakras open up.  All I was getting there this week was distress and great discomfort when I saw, heard, or red something that was unpleasant.  So I knew those chakras were active, they just were not open to flow, until you began your work.  What a wonderful difference.
Half way through I realized how wonderful I felt and I was very aware of how much of your energy you had given me.  It felt terrific but then I realized that I also now had energy I could return back to you so I started focusing on that.  I know I did not give you back much energy but I wanted to try to give back something.
I very much enjoyed the sounds you used.  I noticed their affects more then from the crystals but sometimes crystal energy can be very subtle or more of a background energy, at least for me.  I wanted to open my eyes and see what was going on around me but I didn’t want to lose the effect.  The sounds I enjoyed most were the drum, the flute, and the lady singing a high note.  I wished there was more drum and flute playing.  Those two things really reached me.  But your own sound instruments were wonderful and they had a very positive affect on me and I was glad you used them as part of your therapy.
While relaxing I was able to visit with my late maternal grandmother and see one of my guides I haven’t been able to reach for some time.  That was very reassuring and I knew I was centered again and that my energy had again begun to flow.
Adriana, I was glad you asked me to sit at your table again and share my experience.  I did not at all feel dizzy but found it hard to walk.  It was like a ball and chain was off my leg and I had to learn how to walk again.  Sitting there talking with you I felt so centered and so reinvigorated.  Finally, once again, I had flow.  Your energy, and your work has given me back my flow.  I wanted to talk more, I am sorry but my sinus were breaking up and it was hard to talk.  Sorry about that.
As I got to my car, I realized how hungry I was all of a sudden.
I am now at home sitting down and feeling very relaxed and centered and I now one again have a healthy felling of flow–thanks to you.  I am almost afraid to think of what I might have faced had I not come to you tonight.  You got me back on my path.
Thank you so much Adriana.
Best regards and wishes,

SageSpider Web Designs and Business Consulting

Adriana has the things you would only dream of! Not a pun on words but a way of saying make your dreams come true. Reiki treatments will make your body feel better in these crazy times.

September 09, 2009 by SageSpider Web Designs and Business Consulting in Bernalillo, NM

I want to take the opportunity to thank you again and to  tell you that the Space Clearing and Harmonizing that you so graciously offered us was very effective and help our business to start in the right foot. Until today It provides a good energy ambience to our students
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Hello Adriana:

This beautiful creation of yours is all what someone needs to grow spiritually, with love and enjoyment! Thank you so much for sharing to me your important work, one can learn so much from it. Congratulations and lots of success further!
Many blessings, my dearest friend…

Mona Hansen – Romania




    July 14, 2016 at 6:48 am

    Thank you so much for the distance healings you have done for me! You are Amazing! I had no idea that I would actually Feel you working on me! Since the first time, I have been filled with Love as well as having my symptoms almost completely disappear. I can’t thank you enough for being such a wonderful Healing Angel of Light. I hope to meet you, so I can thank you in person.
    Alan Rogerson

  • Nadicci

    January 22, 2018 at 2:45 pm

    Hi Adriana, I tend to get insomnia and was sitting here when I noticed that my left leg and arm isn’t throbbing and swollen right now. They usually throb all night to the point that I don’t really sleep. And my back isn’t on fire with that burning sensation. Still quite a bit of pain, but I’m tolerating it easier tonight. I’m so taken aback from this that I had to send you a note.
    This is literally the most relief that I’ve had in over a year. I was losing hope that I would get help since I was deteriorating so fast. And I had sunken so low mentally that I felt like giving up.
    Hope you have a good night. Thanks again for taking my case and for allowing me to become your student. I will continue to work on the things we discussed.

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